Black Forest Smoothie (with sneaky greens)

This Black Forest Smoothie recipe is very flexible.  I don’t think I’ve made the exact version twice…. So get creative and see what you come up with!  It’s great for hiding greens or supplements.  Just remember to start small with them first and gradually build once you know your kids are not noticing the hidden ‘treasures’!

And of course you can add any version of berries, coconut and chocolate to make it Black Forest.  I always keep our smoothies very low fructose (fructose being a contributor to childhood health issues, let alone future disease and cancer).  Even the coconut yoghurt we use is homemade with no extra sweetener.  So if your children are used to ‘sweet’, start off with a few more goji berries or a couple of dates or lick of honey.  But see what happens if you gradually reduce that…

You’ll be taking a stand for their future health by doing so! 

Serves 2 adults, 2 children.

You’ll need : 

  • 1 cup (or~60g) frozen organic blueberries
  • 4tbs coconut yoghurt
  • 4tbs goji berries
  • 4tbs toasted organic coconut flakes (or desiccated…or non-toasted!)
  • 4tbs chia and/or flaxseeds
  • 2tbs sunflower seeds and/or pepitas
  • 10tbs soaked almonds (soak in a ramekin of water overnight)
  • 1-2 organic kale leaves
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2tbs carob or cocoa powder
  • 3 large bananas
  • 1/2 tray ice (~150g)
  • 3 cups filtered water (600g)

Optional : quality gelatin powder, other supplements (eg. vitamins, magnesium, calcium), probiotics…

black forest smoothie

Blend until smooth.  In a Thermomix, blend at SP7 for at least 2mins.

Let me know what treasures you add in!