It’s so nice to meet you, wonderful one! 

I want to let you know that I also have been through the challenging journey of raising sensitive children. 

I truly know what it is like to be exhausted, confused, overwhelmed and feeling guilty at not only how I couldn’t seem to help my children (with say sleep school, doctor’s visits, strict elimination diets) but also my reactions to them when I got impatient, angry and irritated.

You can read more about my journey below with my Mother-Child Healing story.

As I went on my healing path, my intuition guided me to have hope, find energy and ultimately come out the other side of some incredibly challenging seasons of my life.  I would love to help you too.


My Mother-Child Healing journey

Beautiful mum, you are not alone.  I began my Mother-Child Healing journey, back when my first son, Hayden, had sleep, digestive, behavioural and skin issues, as well as a low immunity.

After exhausting many medical avenues, I got to desperation.

And so, began my Mother-Child Healing journey.

As I looked to heal my son from his food and toxin blocks, I intuitively started to do this for myself also.

I woke up to ‘food is vibrancy’ and toxins are poison to all of us.  Symptoms and signs dropped away for both of us which was very exciting!

I soon had an overnight awakening about the children coming through and what they were here for.  I called them The New Children.  I had to reconsider my role as a Speech Pathologist working in the medical model of ‘disability’, even though I had many New Children under my speechie wings.

I also had to reconsider my role as a mother.  By default, having two New Children, meant I was here to do something special for them.

I had to look much deeper at myself.  Firstly, I had to acknowledge my reactions to my children and partner were driven from my inner hurts.  Secondly, I had to acknowledge and feel the unexpressed emotions from my past.

It took courage and a lot of tears but I slowly began to unravel my darkness, which in turn allowed me to receive more light.

I could then clearly see my soul path forward, not only for my children but my soul mission too.  I gained almost overnight energy, motivation and conviction in taking a stand for myself and my children. 

I began to embody my Warrior Mother as I went forward to my husband, my family, friends and people in my children’s life.  I could see what we needed to do and I would not take no for an answer in getting there.

And it still is an ever-evolving path as we are now at the point of Mother-Child Activation.  My children shine a light on further blocks I need to release and I use my intuition and expertise to guide them, unperfectly (!), to work through theirs.

The most amazing surprise is how by raising my vibrations, I in turn raised my whole family’s.  And before I knew it, my husband was having amazing awakenings and turn arounds.

We are now realising the power of healing ourselves, in order to create our vibrant and abundant future.

I have been around and back again in gaining my experience and clarity in what I am here to do in my soul mission.


I help mums like you to spot the ‘opportunities’ your child is reflecting back to you, in order to empower yourself further and know how to do this, practically. 

These opportunities may look like : whinging, meltdowns, fussy eating, ‘ASD’, ‘ADHD’, food intolerances, sleep troubles and shyness to low immunity, digestive issues, low self-esteem and more.   They reflect how you can do your inner work and/or guide your children in theirs.

I call this the Mother-Child Healing Approach.

It always comes back to your heart connection.  Your heart connection with yourself, your children, your partner and the people in your wider circle – whether you love them there or not!  And I hold my heart space open, for you to make these transformations.

I call this Heart to Heart Parenting.

Here is a timeline of my life and journey so far..

1981 – I was born, supposedly with the words ‘impending doom’ (since found through kinesiology).  I feel that I already sensed my big mission here on Earth.

Growing up in the 80s – life was fun.  I sensed the magic and was aware of everything and everyone around me.  I used my well-practiced ‘Earth skills’ (from many lifetimes here) to negotiate friendships and do well-enough at everything.

Early 90s – My sensitive nature started to take its toll.  I was well aware of the troubles at home.  I disassociated from the fear, stress and anxiety in my body, to my imaginary places.  The constant sore throats were also a sign of how I was holding it all in.

Late 90s – I could have studied harder but my intuition told me ‘you’ve got this’ and so I went out and had fun.  In my usual style, the last minute cram got me there.  I started to reject authority and took a stand for things I didn’t agree with.

1998 – my mum had a dream to have a child go on international exchange.  I applied for a scholarship and through my first real experience at truly manifesting, I got it.  I finished year 12 and prepared for the year of a lifetime.

1999 – I boarded a plane to Brazil, with 2 new friends and met a family I had never met before.  I was thrown in the very deep end, experiencing no personal space, no language skills and realising what it’s like to live outside of your comfort zone most of the time… for a year!

2000 – I came home to study Speech Pathology.  I just knew it would be my career for my whole life.  And I only wanted to help the children.  It all came very intuitively to me and before long I was creating programs and resources, in my true creative style!

2008 – I married my Anthony.  The one that would guide me where I had blind spots.  And the one I would guide, where he had blind spots.

2009 – I’d had enough with Speech Pathology…!  I wasn’t getting the results I desired for the children I worked with.  It was all surface level therapy.  I’d help a child with their lisp, yet could see they had confidence problems at school, they weren’t coping with friendships and their parents weren’t able to truly open their hearts to them.  They were upset and beat down by the ‘systems’ that wanted to tell them what was wrong about their children.

2010 – my first born son Hayden arrived 6 weeks premature.  It was a baptism of fire with a child who made me realise that parenting was certainly no rosy dream.  I struggled and drowned and surfaced and struggled.

2012 – my second born son Declan arrived.  Despite the craziness of introducing a newborn to the situation, along with a husband who travelled for up to 15 weeks a year, Declan showed us what it means to ‘hold space’ for the rest of the family.

2013 – we had been to sleep school, done the rounds of doctors for Hayden’s skin issues and my speechie knowledge alerted me to the fact he was seemingly ‘ADHD’.  We tried dietitians and allergy specialists, all in confused, overwhelmed desperation.

At the same time, my soul was craving to be creative.  I started my first blog – I Raise My Kids, sharing my Speech Pathology knowledge.  It was my outlet.

I was pulled to attend an ‘Energetic Anatomy of the Yogi’ workshop and had an instant awakening.  I was here for a purpose.  I could choose to face my darkness, in order to find more light.  I had a much larger effect on everyone around me, including my children, than I realised.

2014 – Hayden was now eating his exact right diet (from kinesiology food testing) and intuitively choosing what was good/not good for his body.  He was chemical-free and we had begun to do emotional healing for him, to truly get to the root cause.  He was thriving!

At the same time, I realised I had little versions of Hayden with my Speech Pathology work.  They were unwell and as a result had speech/language/play/feeding issues.  I knew I was in the wrong industry.  I needed to work with families at a much deeper level and respect the knowledge I had, instead of hiding it as ‘unprofessional to mention as a Speech Pathologist’.

AND I had changed my own diet to reflect my sensitivities and had started to detox myself.  I was clear, energetic, motivated and ready to take a stand for more mothers and children.

I studied to be a Health Coach (IIN).  I studied new-age health topics and it blew my mind open as to what was possible for our children.  I ignited a flame!

2015 – I began my business – The Healthy Caterpillar.  I introduced my Healthy Adventurous Eaters Mentorship and also began creating my first online program – Food Magic for Fussy Eaters.  My heart was alight, mentoring beautiful mums (AND dads!) from around the world on topics such as fussy eating, food sensitivities and even toxins and mindset work.

2016 – I upped the anti with energy work.  I claimed my own intuition and completed Level 1 Touch for Health kinesiology.  I realised what it was to channel information.

2017 – I knew I was here for more.  To take my experience worldwide.  To help the children and their families.  I invested in myself with a lot of money (energy exchange!) and worked with an amazing mentor.  She held me to channeling my best work, to create my New Children Healing Sanctuary.


2019 – Despite Declan keen to come out of school, I first pulled Hayden out because he was struggling emotionally, academically (an understimulated gifted child) and socially.  

2020 – Declan came out of school.  His soul nudged me to create The Sanctuary – a gathering for heart families who home/unschooled.  I continued to run online and face-to-face courses and mentorships, forever downloading more about inner work, family work and soul work.


2021 – I finally started to write my first book.  It was so satisfying to finally ground it all. 

2022 / 2023 – I struggled with my own exhaustion as well as homeschooling, mentoring others and running my first 6mth embodiment – The New Woman.  In most of my spare hours, I typed my book.  I went to the depths of myself.  Meanwhile, family life was just so harmonious compared to the struggle we had been through.  My physical body was becoming lighter and lighter from all of my inner work.

End of 2023 – I published my first book in The New Way series – ‘The Game of Life – How to Play, The New Way’!  I happily reclaimed balance in my life after my challenging experiences of discernment with time/energy/money.

the game of life book


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