Does your little one swallow toothpaste?  I’ve always questioned why it says ‘do not swallow’ on the tube, yet we brush our children’s teeth with it, knowing that it takes ‘years’ for them to learn to spit it out.  And what, for that matter, is in toothpaste that is not worthy of swallowing?  And aren’t we absorbing it through thin mucous membranes in our mouth anyway?

Well when I came across an article about triclosan, linking it to pesticides, I had to double check that yes, toothpaste’s active ingredient is in fact triclosan.

And also knowing the negative health effects of fluoride, I started to question just what was the important ingredient in toothpaste?  Was there any ingredient we truly needed to use?

Add in colour and artificial sweetener and Colgate no longer has the same ring to it’s name.

That’s when I turned the boys to natural toothpaste.  Toothpaste really just needs an abrasive and an ingredient to ideally alkalise the mouth and kill off bacteria and thus plaque.

But then I heard about the antibacterial, antiviral, anti microbial properties of coconut oil AND the fact it remineralises teeth…

I found this recipe to make your own toothpaste.

Soften 1/2 cup coconut oil with gentle heat, add 2-3 tbs bicarb soda, xylitol to taste and 15-20 drops peppermint essential oil and mix well. Place in a glass jar and allow to cool.


You will have to try it for yourself to believe me.  I have the smoothest, most polished teeth; the kind you get after the dentist and I have a super-clean tongue.  And just by using my toothpaste in front of the boys, they decided they wanted to use it too.  Whilst we could’ve tracked down food grade peppermint essential oil or added xylitol, we went for the ‘salty coconut’ and have just mixed bicarb with coconut oil.  They did it and now ask for this toothpaste each night.

Colgate is a thing of the past and I feel confident our teeth AND our bodies are healthier for having avoided colour, artificial sweetener, fluoride and triclosan.
You just have to see past marketing and ‘the done thing’.

** This is not a paid presentation for what are natural ingredients  🙂
But if you feel your little ones wouldn’t love this, there are always child-friendly natural toothpastes.  Jack’n’Jill Toothpaste is great!

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