Dear readers of The Healthy Caterpillar,

This is Hayden and Declan here.  Our mummy is out at yoga and so we decided to write you a letter about her.

We are going to write about what she DOESN’T do… so well!  Hee hee!

  1. “Sometimes Mummy yells at us.  She can really mean it too.  It’s not always fun.”  “But at least she does always try to explain why, Hayden.”
  2. “Mummy gives us foods out of a can with BPA sometimes.  I don’t know why she does that when she has told us that BPA is no good for you.”
  3. “One time Mummy gave me milk kefir and told me it would be okay, even when my body told me no.  But it wasn’t and it gave me a terrible brain fog and I got into a lot of trouble at school with my behaviour.”
  4. “Sometimes Mummy forgets to take enough food out and  about for us.”  “We get SOOOO hungry and Hayden goes ‘off his face’!”
  5. “Mummy sometimes steps in and overrules Daddy.”  “Yeah he doesn’t like it.  Hayden you do some things to start it too though”.
  6. “This one’s a good one Declan.  Mummy lets us have glutenfree bread.  It’s got no nutrition but we love it!”. “Yeah toast!!!”
  7. “Mummy buys UHT almond milk.  I think it’s because we don’t have much…?”.  “But she makes us a babycino so we don’t have the milk with sweet stuff in it at Zarraffa’s.”
  8. “Sometimes Mummy gets frustrated because she hasn’t had any time to herself.”  “Well she could let us watch more TV, hey Hayden!!”
  9. “Hey Declan, did Mummy ever put straight eucalyptus oil on you?  It was SO strong I cried”.  ‘Whaaat!? No I’d never let her do that to me Hayden!”
  10. “Mummy isn’t always happy.  She cries.” “Yeah but Hayden remember she tells us to do that too?  Whenever you’re sad, you let it out…”

Well that’s it for now.  Even though we came up with this list pretty easily, we do agree she is a super special Mummy and we chose her as ours because we are super special too!


Hayden and Declan