You may have heard about the new children as any of these names : sensitive child, star child, rainbow child, crystal child, gifted child and more.

Further below I explain my NC types and how these more specifically help us to understand our children:

  • from a positive viewpoint
  • how we can guide them to integrate other energies
  • how we can help them with the challenges throughout
  • what this means for us as their mother

It is my feeling that all children born these days are the New Children.

The New Children are different to us in that they:

  • Are more highly sensitive than we are (some even more so than others)
  • Are carrying physical differences such as a third strand of DNA and genetic ‘adaptations’
  • Are particularly resisting the Old Paradigm of fear-based living, instead moving us towards love and truth


I am introducing The New Way as far as looking at 2 new aspects in moving ourselves and our children from less-than-vibrant to shining.  Both involving energy, the missing key.
  1. Our children’s energetic environment – my Healing and Thriving Diamond below reflects this.
  2. Our mother-child connection – my Mother-Child Healing Approach shows this below


The New Children are particularly sensitive and need an energetic environment that matches their high vibrations.
We are now catching up and starting to realise the foods that are not serving our children – either processed/sugar or their many food sensitivities.
We have started to realise the many chemicals and toxins that just need to be gone.
In my New Children Healing Sanctuary we look at all 4 points – food, toxins and the less obvious ones – emotions and relationships.
All 4 points can be lower vibrational….or we can make changes to make them higher vibrational.
Fresher, natural food.  Natural cleaning and personal products.  Doing our dark work to clear our emotions and increase our emotional intelligence.  By doing our Dark Work and understanding our New Child Types, we can improve our relationships.
By raising our vibrations by looking at these points on the Diamond, we automatically raise the vibrations for our family by being near them.  This immediately improves health issues of any kind.

In this diamond, we can change what we believe is possible for our children, repair cracked relationships with our children and others, we can improve our energy, our intuition and open our hearts, so we can really see what is and isn’t a problem for our children… and how to help them in an empowered way.


The New Children, OUR sensitive children that are being born these days are coming through with a mission to activate and wake us up as mothers.  They are shining a light on all of OUR blocks AND how their energetic environment needs to be cleaned up.
We, as their mothers, have our soul contracts intertwined with our children.
We can only heal our children as far as we are willing to heal ourselves.
In my Mother-Child Healing Approach, we firstly focus on doing our Light Work (raising our vibrations with the Healing and Thriving Diamond) and our Dark Work (clearing out the lower vibrations of food, toxins, emotions and relationships).
By focusing on ourselves, doesn’t mean we are sweeping our children’s health opportunities under the rug.  No way.
  We can work with any opportunities left once we have cleared our shit, raised our vibrations, made stronger connections with our children, opened our hearts and brought through more intuition.  It is then a case of what’s leftover to help our child with.

It isn’t easy, but by turning towards our challenges, we receive our greatest gifts!


I have been mapping and downloading these New Child Types for a long time now.  My background in child development, paired with my ever-growing intuition, has helped me to start to see very clearly the FOUR New Child Types.
Each type relates to your child’s combination of Star, Heart and/or Earth energy.  With the eventual aim for ALL of us as souls to integrate each of them.  Each energy brings its own intuition.
STAR – to open to the higher realms, be at one with our galactic origins and to use this to our advantage as far as technology and advancement of humanity.
HEART – to live with an open heart, feel our oneness, help each other and connect with all through love.
EARTH – to ground ourselves here on Mother Gaia, in order to bring our gifts into this reality whilst living consciously within our environment.
And knowing our child’s New Child Type gives us A LOT of empowered knowledge in how we parent our precious children.
You can take the quiz now, to understand your child’s sensitivities from a positive viewpoint.
Or firstly read a note I have channelled from the collective energy of the New Children, YOUR children, wonderful ones! Just below!

“My New Child Type represents my strengths, my challenges and my potential mission here on Earth.
I hope it will help you to understand what I am going through in a more empowered and positive light… and how this affects you as my mother too.
In the old paradigm, mothers have had their power taken away from them, as they have been conditioned to revere the ‘authorities’ and to doubt their own intuition.
NOW is the time to heal, parent and educate The New Way. Respecting we are energetic beings and that we need to bring LOVE first.
These New Child Types are not boxes. They are not labels. They are, well, a ‘positive diagnosis’ to balance out the external world’s focus on ‘what’s WRONG with us’.
Knowing the energies that we DO carry through, can help you to understand our strengths, gifts and why we behave like we do. Especially when it can bring you stress as our mother?!
Knowing the energies that we have NOT YET integrated can also help you to understand some of our challenges. It is also the opportunity for you to help guide us to integrate this energy even more so. Maybe it’s looking for experiences to open our hearts more. Maybe it’s helping us to open to the higher realms. Or maybe it’s encouraging me to ground and be in nature more often.
And as you do this, we reflect how you have integrated these energies for yourselves. Can you be accepting of our intuitive ‘star’ gifts and sensitivities? Can you open your heart to us, despite what is going on? Can you see the benefit in connect with our Earth?”
I invite you to take the quiz and consider your child’s sensitivities from a POSITIVE view!

What is a Warrior Mother?

A Warrior Mother is a mother who knows, deep down, that she desires MORE for herself and her children (and also her partner!).

She either knows or is ready to remember:

  • She needs to have an open heart and clear vessel.

This will give her clarity, motivation and energy to help her children.  Also in order to be able to hold space for her sensitive children to heal and grow.

  • Therefore, she must do her soul work, clearing the following blocks:
    • emotional blocks & limiting beliefs, from this life and beyond
    • foods that do not lift her into her highest vibration
    • toxins that affect her vibrations and highest potential (chemicals & pathogens such as viruses, parasites and bacteria)
    • living by fear at any moment of her day
  • She is the mother of her child.

She is the expert on them (give or take with her partner of course).  Everyone else is just on her team.    She is the one that can use her intuition for her children’s highest good and her children rely on her to do this.

  • She is prepared to grow into her voice, her power and her conviction, to take a stand for her children’s health, development and ultimate vibrancy.
  • She must hold her children in their highest regard.
  • She must respect herself, her health, her energy, her truth and her soul’s happiness all the while.

As a Warrior Mother, she desires the following for her children and her family:

  • Freedom to be exactly who they are
  • To know the truth
  • To be curious, playful and have fun
  • Feel unconditional love
  • Live with an open heart
  • The strength to look at their blocks and release them
  • That each member lives out their soul mission
  • They integrate star, heart and earth energy into their beings
  • Vibrancy and abundance

Many Warrior Mothers do not start out feeling like one!

Often, they are guided to this, slowly but surely.  Often this is from their children showing the way, through health or development ‘opportunities’.  The children literally hold the space for the mother to make the transformation.

The mothers who do not choose to embody their Warrior Mother often stay stuck, with less-than-vibrant children, in a less-than-vibrant life.

Signs you are a Warrior Mother

  • You don’t like people telling you what to do… and haven’t since childhood!
  • You are open to new ideas and like to try things out of curiosity
  • You feel called to speak up when things don’t sit well with you
  • You are quite independent
  • You want more for yourself and your family – ‘we’re okay’ just doesn’t cut it
  • You visualise big things for yourself and your family
  • You are the ‘rainbow sheep’ of the family and will stand out from the crowd where you need to (or desire to)



No it is not to raise another version of the humans that are adults right now!  Gone are the simple days of feed them and let them play.

Our role has a much deeper meaning than mothers in past generations have known.

These children have come here to raise the frequency of the Earth, to even out the darkness that is playing out currently around the world.  They are here with a mission to do something wonderful for this planet.  From healers to new age scientists to environmentalists to catalysts for change.

They will make our current scientists and healers look very… ‘human’.

And they are choosing the families they know will wake up and allow them to utilise their amazing gifts and wisdom.

This calls for a celebration as you my friend are here doing this program for that very reason.  You have started to realise you are playing a very important role for your child.  Even if you haven’t yet completely and consciously realised.

To us, as mothers of these sensitive children, it can feel painful, confusing, exhausting and overwhelming, mostly as we are unaware of what we are actually doing.  And there are limited supports around to truly help us.

The medical system has not kept up with what is going on for our New Children.  The schooling system has not either.  The religions, the pharma and food companies and our world leaders…. have not kept up either.

In fact, they are unfortunately a ‘block’ to guiding our children to unlock their potential.

So, we go from exciting and amazing prospects with these New Children to the confusing and overwhelming reality of where the world is at right now.

But, what we CAN do is empower ourselves and use our intuition to move our children forward.  It is not the problem of the doctors or the teachers, it is our path to step into and own.  Our path to do what it takes to become a Warrior Mother.  Our path to clear our own blocks and to guide our families to also.  And our gift in doing so, is to claim our abundant life for our own soul.

But like absolutely everything that has been created before, it first had to be dreamt up.  And that is the first step in becoming a Warrior Mother for the new children.  It is to daydream, imagine and visualise what COULD be possible and what WOULD help your child and then learning to follow your intuition by taking inspired action to get there.