Welcome!!  To the Sanctuary Library!


The Library includes months of learning, activating and remembering in the formats of : guidebooks, videos, recorded ‘playshops’, playsheets, meditations and visioning sheets. 

These roadmaps are all intuitively downloaded through my life experiences in parenting, relationships and well…. ‘humaning well’!


For those that are accessing The Library, we have common ground.


We are practicing living by LOVE, returning, humbly, back to our hearts, so we can guide our children and families towards our highest life path.  We are remembering ‘how to’ do this… this is our learning.


Parenting, education, well being, soul work – it encompasses everything.


This will be a movement supported by many, practiced together.


We are the leaders.  We are going first.  This is just the start, magical hearts!


We are responding to the call of our children.  To go a New Way.  We can see the Old Way of living life hasn’t worked for us. 


Our children have shown us :

  • That the medical system doesn’t get to the root of their health issues

  • How the school system doesn’t reflect their expansive nature and soul’s calling

  • How controlling parenting only breeds resistance and family arguments

  • If we are not stepping up as Empowered Warrior Mothers, we are forgetting our soul’s calling

The sheer overwhelm, exhaustion and confusion at how to be the mother we want to be has turned us to look at The New Way.


My courses and resources hold the ‘Roadmaps’ as to how.

What’s included in The Sanctuary Library…

The Food Magic course – is based around the logistics of food sensitivities and elimination diets with heart and intuition. It has practical resources such as food lists and how to slowly move your child onto better food – whether this is from ‘fussiness’, ‘sensory issues’ or ‘food sensitivities’!

FIVE MODULES – video, guidebooks, playsheets, resources, meditations.

The Monkey Mind course – is a Heart to Heart parenting course, guiding you through seeing your child’s Monkey Mind in action – from the shy one to the whining one to the rude one or the refusing to apologise one.

It guides you to see why their heart is hurting underneath these Monkey Mind external ‘behaviours’ and then the invitation to reflect how this relates to your inner hurts and fears (that are so much harder to see within ourselves!).

SIX MODULES – video, guidebooks, playsheets, resources, meditations.


The Harmonious Partners course – is also a course in seeing our Monkey Mind and our partners, but also to see how we hold gifts and blindspots for each other. It guides you to come back to your heart and use your visioning, inner work and communication to open your partner’s heart too.

FIVE MODULES – video, guidebooks, playsheets, resources, meditations.


The Empowered Mother Empowered Child course – goes through seeing our children in their highest light (detail in New Child Types) and to recognise our Star, Heart & Earth energy gifts and blindspots within ourselves too. It then guides you into thorough Inner Work before looking at how our children are asking us to continue opening our hearts in parenting.

It is a journey!

FOURTEEN+ MODULES – video, guidebooks, playsheets, resources, meditations.



Resources include :

For the learner-on-the-go : activities & adventures
For the reader : Guidebooks – 5-20+ pages across all courses
For the watcher : summary videos across modules
For the journaller : playsheets in correspondence with these guidebooks
For the meditater : activations and meditations
For the envisioner : vision sheets for you, your children, your partner relationship


The investment is free.  For those that set the intention & use and embody these resources, it will be priceless. 

To further embody this work for you and your family, I invite you to my mentorships, immersions and retreats!  Info back at homepage.

Please spread the word for this free Library to those that also resonate as our Soul Family!

I have seen courses can bring stress of needing to ‘keep up’ – the conditioning that everything must be learnt in a given timeframe.  This stress can take away from trusting in divine timing and being open to receiving our ‘golden keys’ to our expansion as they need to come.
For this reason, I have felt to completely change the way I serve many women.
I have seen that we are all better supported with an ongoing slow drip-feed of guidance as well as sister support.  That way there is time for processing, real life ‘prac’ and then to be seen and heard amongst other sisters.  WITHOUT the stress of keeping up, timelines or getting your ‘money’s worth’.

Do come and join our New Children Healing Sanctuary Facebook community too!

It is one thing to be awakened but another to say ‘yes’ to our Inner Work and truly owning that we can change our reality by changing ourselves


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