Welcome to The Sanctuary

Activation courses!

Let’s go on an adventure together.


You can take one course.   You can take them all.


Whether you are :

  • struggling with your child’s shadows (behaviours, emotions, development, fitting in, zest for life)

  • feeling bad for how your own shadows surface (worrying, yelling, self-sabotaging in any way)

  • sick of the resistance with your partner

but ready to…

  • claim your Empowered Leader role of the family

  • call in your family’s highest path (without struggles, giving power to the systems)

  • and YOUR OWN highest path (joy, health, Soul Work)

Then these courses are for you! 


The Sanctuary Activation courses are :

  • simple yet straight to activating you

  • less work, more bringing it straight into your life

  • light and dark work

Also, we are doing it as a team of Soul Family who are ready to ’empower together’ knowing our energy is amplified with joint intentions!

I encourage you to place your hands on your heart and go with the courses you feel called to.  There may be resistance to work through (eg. money, partners, clearing schedules).  If you feel called, it’s your time to SHINE into 2021!

Let’s do this!

How it works

Below are the courses including the overviews and dates.

Currently – The Harmonious Partners course is open for joining! 

Payments will be fortnightly recurring Paypal investments until paid…

The courses

Each course will be based in its own private Facebook group – our safe and high-vibe Sanctuary to create magic in.

Each week, ‘your adventure’ will be pinned to the top of the feed.  It will be a simple, practical focus with key activations either in the written post, a recorded playshop for you to take, mini guidebooks, playsheets, meditations and/or FB LIVES throughout that week.


You will receive my direct support in response to your posts.  THIS is where the magic flows in.

These courses are asking HIGH participation, in order to practice being seen and heard, which is a key focus for us New Age women right now. 

And of course, as someone creating their own reality, you are after all of the golden keys you can find to your highest path.  When you post, you receive upgrades by being seen and heard PLUS further support from myself.  

These courses are a great way to receive my ongoing support without investing in a one-on-one mentorship.


4 Week adventure to tune into & nurture your child’s light, whether you school, homeschool or unschool.


10 Week adventure to insist on stronger heart to heart connection with your child and empowering them to know how to handle their shadow side… to find their light.


5 Week adventure to dive in deeper with your Inner Work (light and dark) and ‘practice mastery’ of the challenges that are coming up for you, your family and your Soul Work.


5 Week adventure to stand in your power, open your heart & create a strong family foundation through an empowered relationship with your partner.

The Shadows – his AND yours
Intro to Energetic Inner Work process

Notice his light AND yours
Create a vision of your highest path together

Releasing your charge
Shift your energetic state to shift his

Heart to heart communication
Hold space for their shadows

Self reflection and self responsibility
Practicing empowerment

Any questions? Email me!

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