Friend!  Have you been to a Speech Pathologist and feel you want a second opinion or just a translation of what was actually found?

When I graduated, I felt like I could see the ‘shit for the trees’.  Speech Pathologists busy doing long, detailed assessments which meant long, detailed reports, which meant charging families quite a LOT, just to receive a long report that they may not even understand…

Naturally, many families just launch into speech therapy as they are guided by this professional who they assume knows ‘the best path’ for their child. Schools back this up and even pressure families who do not follow suit.


But my intuition lead me to look intuitively at the holistic picture.


What is actually going on for this child?
What is going on energetically in their face/throat area that is giving these children speech difficulties?
Why are they not learning language as easily as others?
Their social interaction, their play skills, their pre-literacy skills (like rhyming), their hearing…

Do they actually NEED regular therapy…?


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