Three months to commit to yourself.  To your family.  To your highest paths.  To learn the road map ‘how’ to.

To embody this and make the magic happen in your family.

To up level your ‘Parenting Work’.


Mothers are coming to me typically because of one of their children.  The one that is breaking them.  The one that stresses or worries them.


The child that even brings the stress between themselves and their partner.


The family disharmony is getting louder and louder.


The squeeze is when we as new age women can SEE our family in harmony…. but we aren’t sure how to get there, because we haven’t been shown how to find our harmonious highest paths. 


The truth is, we are being squeezed, SO THAT we look for the highest path!

Our ‘Parenting Work’ cannot be separated from our Inner Work and Soul Work.

For many of us, it can be easier to turn a blind eye – to ignore our children’s difficulties or deal with them on a superficial level.

It can be easier to keep trying to hold the family together than to spend our mental and emotional resources on our Inner Work.

For some, it’s actually easier to keep pouring more energy into our Soul Work than to look at our own inner hurts or our disconnection from our partner or our children knowing how to cope with their emotions and stresses.

The children are holding space for the mothers to make the transformation

We are on the leading edge in reclaiming our OWN intuition and knowing as mothers, especially when it comes to our children and their ‘issues’.

I am holding the Road Maps to show you how to come back to your heart.  How to be that Empowered Mother you feel called to be.

When we are in our hearts, we :

  • change how we react to our children and partner, no matter what is going on

  • are more focused on holding the vision for how we see each family member & the family unit in its highest light, rather than the ‘human 3D drama’ we can get pulled into

  • hold a different space for ourselves & family as we clear our fears

  • energetically open the door for our children and partners to behave differently and move towards their highest path (we have gotten out of the way)

This takes commitment.  This is the threshold we must pass through.  To say yes to our Inner Work.  To keep rising out of the ‘human 3D drama’ that we are all done with.

We can change our children’s emotional, behavioural, developmental and physical issues, by doing our Inner Work.


You are invited to join this 3 month immersion with 5 other Soul Family women.  To commit to yourself.  Your family.  Your highest paths.

You already resonate with conscious and awakened parenting.  You are looking to embody your mother role even further.


The Details

Three months mentoring and learning with Heidi and an intimate group of Soul Family women, who are coming to up level their ‘Parenting work’.


Below is how it flows…


Practically, we dive straight to where you need help, with 6 mentoring sessions, with Heidi as below :

  • 4 individual mentoring sessions to get straight to what needs to be unravelled in your family unit

  • 2 mentoring sessions with one other Soul Family woman (where it works logistically otherwise 1:1)

  • 2 group activation sessions to come together & commit to making time and space for doing the Inner Work – the golden key to Family Harmony

*read more about how my intuitive mentorship sessions flow if you feel called here..

Zooming out, we understand and practice four Road Maps, including combinations of mini guide books, videos, recorded playshops and meditations.  Emailed to you fortnightly. 


Below are the Road Maps we will understand and apply in ‘real life prac’ and in the mentoring sessions.


The Road Maps to our highest paths

Learn how to tune into yours and your family’s unique True Essence, to understand each other’s gifts and challenges and how these unlock each other’s highest paths.

Learn how to shift your old fears and conditioning – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically – and across past lives & ancestral lines, using that which triggers you on a daily basis…. starting with our family.

Learn why your challenges are coming up and how to ‘move towards mastery’ of these, to move you and your family away from struggling and towards your highest paths.

Understand the fear behind your child’s tricky behaviours and learn how to guide them back to their hearts.

When a child OR adult is in their heart, we don’t need to tell them what to do, think or say.  It naturally comes from their heart & their true essence.

Someone has to come back to their heart first.  That’s us, the mothers are going first.


  • those women who have already been practicing conscious & awakened parenting… but desire to ‘practice mastery’ even more

  • women who really can’t turn a blind eye to their Inner Work any further & can see it reflecting in their home life stress

  • women who are following their Soul Work path in parenting/children work/relationships and want to UP level further!


$AUD 1240 or 6 x fortnightly payments of $207.

*You will also have first & discounted access to the 2 night Commitment Retreat on the Sunshine Coast, when the energy is right for face to face connecting again!  This will allow further commitment to your ‘Parenting Work’.


  • Women have seen their partner in their higher light and reconnected with them, bringing a more stable family foundation.

  • They have seen their child in their higher light, giving them compassion and energy to take a stand for how they knew in their hearts they needed to support them.

  • They’ve met their own light AND their shadows. They’ve committed to releasing their hurts and traumas to literally see it unravel in their children’s day to day struggles.

This is just a few.  Please do sign up for a free chat if you would like to be clearer of the benefits that are possible for you.


WHAT ABOUT MY CHILD’S ISSUES – Speech, Behaviour, School struggles, Sleep etc…

There is an order to unravelling the ‘family web’.  Our child’s speech issues may be asking us to look at how we were seen and heard as a child or perhaps how our husband reacts to our children & how we can shift the energy to a positive child-father relationship.

It is the deeper, holistic work which takes time.  Some of our children’s seeming ‘issue’s may change quite quickly.  Other issues may take longer.  But you will feel assured you are on the right path as you go to the root of the cause and feel yourself changing…. which brings MANY other benefits to you, your children and your family that you wouldn’t have dreamt of!

Claim back your feminine power as a mother, partner, woman, leader of the Family Unit.

Ultimately, I help you to see the ‘Earth rules’ – how to approach your challenging situations with love and empowerment rather than reacting in fear and disempowerment.

I hold you to going for your highest visions.  I show you how to practically.

Thank you so much for your support and guidance with our daughter. Heidi is a leading light in conscious parenting and she has such a beautiful supportive energy.


Heidi has the capacity to always lead your fears and doubts about yourself and your parenting style back into the place it needs to come from…the heart.


She sees you and your family from the spiritual perspective and helps you to see the stories of your life and how they are playing out in your family dynamics.


Heidi’s style is not sugar coated or filled with psychological waffle…it is grounded in the heart, in the truth about ourselves and the kind of parents we are and the kind of parents we want to be.


Heidi has the ability to see the motivation and energy behind the words and actions playing out and helps to guide you toward ways of communicating with your child and how to look, compassionately, at where you are too much in your own head and conditioning and ways that you can release and change patterns that are not working in your family.


You leave feeling seen, heard, awakened and empowered…

Megan Freeland

Author - click to see her amazing work

So we know if we’re aligned…

I do not do ‘energetic readings’ but rather guide you to see ‘how’ the family web has gotten entangled.  You are powerful.

By seeing how the ropes have gotten tangled and how you can change it all by changing your energy, you unlock the key to understanding how to play these ‘Earth rules’ of creating your own reality and leaving your overwhelming challenges behind.

I hold heart space for you, while you find your stresses plus also holding heart space for your family.  It’s in digging deep, to do the work yourself, is where the magic lies.


Each woman’s adventure in this Immersion will be unique however we do it together for support and connection.

Let’s make sure we resonate and the Family Harmony Immersion is all looking aligned.  Below, sign up for a quick 15min chat to connect and know that you will feel energised to sign up if it is for you!

Do leave 10 minutes or so to fill out my Family Snapshot form when you book in too.

Our children have energetically signed up to prod us until we crack.  When we let it all out, we crack our hearts open, we soften, we surrender the old conditioning.  Then we make space for our children to go forth without the cobwebs of this fear blocking their paths.


Will we specifically my address my child's speech, behaviour, sleep? Or how to deal with my disconnected relationship with my partner?

Yes!  We will in your mentoring sessions.  However, our children are guiding us to look deeper than the surface ‘issue’ that they bring to us.  This results in mother-child healing as we see where they are reflecting our fears, inner hurts and where we are invited to come back to our heart.  It may look like round-about ways in dealing with the issue.  eg.  a child’s speech issue is usually reflecting not being seen and heard or having an opportunity to express their emotions.  This may play out in looking at the child, the mother, the father and even the siblings!